Wednesday, 1 June 2016

My hairstyles during the 6 month protective style challenge

During the 6 month protective style challenge we recently ran, I had my hair in the styles below. You will notice that my hair styles looked similar, this isn't because I am a monotonous boring person; but rather, I know what works for my hair in terms of long terms styling. What this means is:

  • I need direct access to my scalp
  • My hair tangles less in the styles below
  • The amount of build up I get is less in these hairstyles
  • They are durable and don't wear out quickly
  • The protective style challenge was during the peak of summer (Nov-Apr), and I cannot handle hair extensions (long braids or weaves). They get way too hot for me and my scalp itches way more than if I had them in winter. The one photo where I have a curly weave is because I went to England in December and as you know, their winter is FREEZING for us Africans :-)
The hairstyles
Below are 12 hairstyles that I had during this period. Some of them were the long term protective styles that would last 4weeks or 6 weeks. And some were low manipulation styles that I wore during the 'breathing' period of my hair. If you are curious about what this breathing period is all about, feel free to refer to the post I wrote when this challenge started - explaining what the 6 month style challenge is about here . 

Love - AfroMoriri

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