Thursday, 19 May 2016

Results of the 6 month protective style challenge

If you follow AfroMoriri on Instagram, by now you would know that there was a 6 month protective style challenge that ran from November 2015 until April 2016. This was the first time I ever did such a challenge, therefore I invited fellow hair friends/followers on Instagram to join in. Initially, I had envisaged that we would get 20 participants but unfortunately we ended up with only 10 and that number dwindled down with time as you'll see by the final results submitted below. In case you would like to know what the motivation for starting this type of challenge was, as well as what I did (regimen) in this period, you may refer to this post written when the challenge started. Who do you think grew the most length? Leave us a comment below.

                                                                   AfroMoriri results

Buhle's results

Hulisani's results (AfroHealthSA)

Thesjozana's results

Wiwizer's results

Congratulations ladies, we are all winners because we certainly learnt something(s) about our hair during this period. Love - AfroMoriri. 


  1. I'm very much impressed by Buhle's hair. She certainly has my vote. ����

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  3. Well done ladies, this was surely a journey worth taking. Thanks to all your inputs, guidances and motivation. :* :*

    As for the long hair , it is so hard to decide with all these hairs on fleek!

    @Afromoriri my results are missing -- @Mahlatse Wiwi on facebook

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  5. Firstly I must say, your hair growth is amazeballs, AfroMoriri! It grew past the length it was when it was straightened which is so remarkable!!

    Secondly, I think Buhle's results come in at first place!! I see a few inches there and that is a big thing as a naturalists. Following Buhle, Thesjozana would come in second.
    Well done on your growth ladies!

    1. Gosh I didn't see Wiwizer's hair!! I change my vote, it goes to Wiwizer in first and Buhle in second!!