Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Updated winter hair regimen

My favourite opening line around this time of the year, "South African winter has finally come, mornings and evenings are the coldest, the sun sets earlier and rises later than usual and my hair is responding to the temperature change. Due to the change in weather conditions I am changing my regime until winter is over so my hair survives the winter blues".

I'll start off by explaining my usual winter hair care routine then explain the added changes that make this an updated regimen. 

General winter regimen
  • Wash and deep condition hair once every 2 weeks. I use both a protein and hydrating/moisturising deep conditioner. In winter I wash the hair every fortnight unlike once a week in summer because my scalp doesn't sweat as much as it does in summer, neither does it secrete lots of oils. 
  • Moisturise and seal the moisture after deep conditioning, using the LCO method. This means, liquid (leave in conditioner), cream (shea butter) and oil (extra virgin olive oil). 
  • Revive moisture daily, using a spray mixture of distilled water and oils (two thirds of the water plus a third comprising of castor oil, pure glycerine and extra virgin olive oil).
Additional steps this winter
  • Co-wash in place of shampoo. Co-wash means washing the hair using a conditioner. This helps retain moisture and also softens hair, making it less brittle and breakable from being dry. 
  • Change protective styling to either small twists using my own hair or plaiting medium sized cornrows. Recently I did a 6 month protective style challenge (in summer, details are available here ) and my hair responded well to protective styles that allowed direct access to the hair and scalp. Hoping this doesn't back fire in winter as I might need extra cover from braiding. But I can only know by first trying right?
  • Wear a satin scarf at night while simultaneously using a satin pillow case. Since my hair won't have the extra cover of braids I'd like to prevent possible exposure of my own hair in case my scarf comes off. Trust me, sometimes it comes off during the night - blame nightmares maybe?  Lol! In summer I only ever use the satin pillow case.
Love - AfroMoriri

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