Friday, 11 September 2015

Washday after taking down cornrows(protective style)

My second protective style this past winter was a set of cornrows accompanied by 2 strand twisted braids on the crown of my head. This style was kept for 4 weeks. I really liked this style because it allowed me to access my scalp so that my castor oil challenge didn't get a setback.

On the day I took down the style, I was impressed with how the hair had no knots nor tangles. This came as a surprise because I usually experience knotted hair when my hair is braided. The only possible explanation for this pleasant surprise is the water and castor oil mix which I used on a daily basis as well as oiling my scalp 3 times a week for the Castor oil challenge. I mean this was the only difference in my regime in comparison to other times when my hair is braided. So in future, I will ensure to use this method of hair maintenance. In case you are wondering, I didn't wash my hair in this 4 week period.

The following is the procedure I followed in taking down the braids and cornrows:
1. I undid the cornrows in small sections of 4 rows at a time. Took down the braids in small sections too.
2. Used coconut oil to finger detangle (dry detangling) each small section of the cornrows or braids.
3. Proceeded to further and gently detangle each section using a wide tooth comb. In this process also remove shed hairs.
4. Twist the small section of the 4 rows (or braids) then proceed to undo the next 4 rows and repeat steps 1 to 4.
5. Once all my hair was in small twisted sections, I went twist by twist(the small sections I just twisted), unravelling the twist and applying a generous amount of  my prepoo mix. My prepoo mix had extra virgin olive oil, honey, pure glycerine, peppermint oil and castor oil. I ended up with 4 big sections. The reason for this specific prepoo was:

  • Olive oil is a light oil that penetrates the hair and helps give moisture. It also prevents dandruff& conditions hair.
  • Honey also conditions hair, giving that soft smooth feel to hair. It also helps retain moisture. 
  • Glycerine also helps retain moisture. It not only helps retain moisture but also draws ('sucks') moisture from its surroundings.
  • Peppermint oil prevents dandruff and promotes hair growth by stimulating blood circulation in the hair follicles (that ticklish burning like sensation).
  • Castor oil benefits are explained here
6. I left the pre-poo on my head, with a plastic cap on for 4hours. In the last hour I added heat to ensure maximum penetration and benefit as my hair needed pampering.
7. Washed my hair with a sulfate free shampoo. Then proceeded to do an apple cider vinegar rinse to clarify the hair and remove product build up that would have taken place over the 4 weeks. This rinse also restores the scalp's pH level.
8. Deep conditioned with a protein treatment
9. Deep conditioned with a hydrating treatment
10. Moisturised and sealed-in moisture
11. Blow dried my hair using the tension method, and having applied a heat protector.
The following pictures illustrate the process explained above:

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