Tuesday, 29 September 2015

I'm cutting my hair

I've been on a natural hair journey since September 2011 however since then until April 2014 I would typically let my hair stay in braids for 2 to 3 months at a time. Once a took the braids down I would make sure that within a day after take down I have braided my hair again. My braided hairstyles rotated between very thin twists (Masaai twists) or soft dread. That was my easy regimen, I was convinced natural hair was hard work and tucking it away in braids was an easy way of 'maintaining' it.

For some of you who may not know why I decided to go natural, you may go ahead and read my interesting story here. In summary, I had an experience where my hair just literally fell off as I tried combing or even holding it with my fingers. Very scary experience trust me!

Recently, I have found myself curious, wanting to know how my hair would look if I had always been healthy in my natural regimen. Both from a volume and length perspective. Of the 4 years I have been natural, I have only had a healthy hair journey for a year and four months (thus far). And I have seen an amazing response from my hair. So curiosity has the better of me and I'm in a phase where I feel like 'I am planning to cut my hair' and start afresh. Yes people I'm wondering if any of you has felt that way? Should I decide that I'm cutting my hair?

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Love - AfroMoriri

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