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Castor Oil hair challenge

This post comes from and was written by a lady who inspired my healthy hair journey, i.e. Ms Fatima Yikona. The following words are to her credit and I am not claiming any ownership to the written piece. I have chosen to do the intermediate castor oil challenge. Now, let's get to the story:

Everyone wants beautiful, healthy hair but unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with the hair we desire. The second Hairequest Castor Oil Challenge is here and it’s bigger and better! This isn’t just a challenge focusing on the use of castor oil but basically a hair journey boot camp where one gets to intensify their entire hair routine. One not only has to be consistent with the use of castor oil during this challenge but be consistent with their hair journey for maximum benefits. Apart from motivating each other this exercise will give us an opportunity to learn new techniques and practices which could be beneficial to our hair. Read how I use castor oil here.

Benefits of Castor Oil
·         Promotes healthier and thicker hair
·         Regrows edges
·         Stops receeding or thinning hair
·         Can be used for natural or chemically treated hair
·         Excellent sealant and conditioner
·         Does not clog pores
·         Controls dry and itchy scalp
·         Improves scalp circulation

  This challenge will run from 5th July 2015 to 4th October 2015. Any type of castor oil can be used as long as it is plain castor oil. These include cold pressed castor oil, pharmacy castor oil ( Link Pharmacy carries a good brand), Jamaican black castor oil (Tropic Isle, Sunny Isle, Simply Organic), etc. Brands such as Blue Magic are not pure castor oil as they contain other ingredients hence not getting the full benefits of castor oil. Pure castor oil is what is encouraged.

  During this time, protective styles such as braids, wigs, buns, ponytails, two strand twists, updos and other hair styles are encouraged to help retain length. Track any changes in your hair regardless of whether good or bad. Below are the Challenge levels:

·       -  Apply Castor Oil to your scalp twice a week. Make sure to massage well. Do not be heavy handed. Less is more.
·       -  Use castor oil to seal your strands after moisturizing your hair. Remember, castor oil is quite thick so mix it with your oil of choice to enable easy application.

·         - Apply castor Oil to your scalp twice a week as in the basic level
·      -   Use castor oil to seal your strands after moisturizing
·       -  Add a few drops to a tablespoon of castor oil to your deep conditioner.

   -  Apply castor Oil to your scalp atleast three times a week
·       -  Use castor oil to seal after moisturizing your hair
·       -  Add a few drops to a tablespoon of castor oil to your deep conditioner
·         -Use castor oil in your prepoo mix or on its own as a hot oil treatment. Read more about prepooing here.

 Some people may be concerned about moisturizing hair while in protective styles such as braids and weaves. Simply make a spritz of your own which can consist of water, a little leave in conditioner and your favourite oils including castor oil.

My pre-entry photos(AfroMoriri)

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