Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Why does your scalp itch: Part 2

It is very common in the world I live in to see women tapping their heads hard using their fingers and palms. Most of the women tend to have some sort of artificial hair and I believe the itch is due to lack of washing and moisturizing the hair&scalp. This is not to say artificial hair causes itchiness but I know that most women DO NOT wash their hair while in braids, weaves, cornrows and other plaits, and that is the main reason for their relentless head tap - an attempt to alleviate the constant itch.


  • Synthetic/artificial hair: chemicals used to make the braids, hair extensions, weaves etc could cause allergic reactions and therefore unbearable itches. To solve this problem try to avoid very cheap quality synthetic hair and listen to your body - if your scalp wasn't itchy before the hair extensions it is likely that they are the cause
  • Temporary scalp exposure: sometimes when you braid your hair and the scalp isn't used to be as exposed as it would be in that state it reacts by becoming itchy. In this case the scalp is merely telling you it is adjusting to 'new' conditions although this might only be a temporary hair do. So with time it should go away. Remember to moisturise the scalp as it might also get too dry when exposed to air and therefore cause itchiness
  • Dry scalp: some people naturally have dry scalps and others get dry scalp due to:

                  *harsh weather conditions (very hot or very cold)
                  *not washing hair (dirt build-up and therefore clogged pores)
                  *over doing hair washes - yes it is possible to 'over wash hair'. Your scalp naturally        produces sebum in order to moisturise your scalp. If you over wash it, you strip the hair and scalp these good oils and cause dryness that leads to itching and even dandruff or flaky hair
                  *using shampoos with sulfates: sulfates strip hair of good natural oils as well as oils you may have applied, therefore causing dry itchy scalp.mto solve this problem use light density oils that mimic the natural sebum produced by the glands under the skin/scalp. Oils such as Jojoba, Coconut and Grapeseed are great for moisturising the scalp and preventing itchiness. Apply directly to scalp and massage gently, also apply a reasonable amount to the hair to moisturise, especially if you have curly/coily hair such as Afro. Also incorporate a consistent hair regimen, I find that when I miss my washday and the deep conditioning treatments I normally perform, my scalp is the first to complain through itchiness!

  • Medical reasons: you may have fungus/bacteria/other medically related reasons. So seek the help of a professional doctor! It could be lice, eczema, chronic dandruff amongst many other illnesses. Could be something you can't treat at home, don't be shy, consult with a doctor! 


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