Saturday, 25 April 2015

Best hair salon for Afro or natural hair in Johannesburg

From my experience most hair salons have staff that is well trained in dealing with processed or otherwise known as relaxed hair. This comes from observations made in my experiences as well as that of other people in my community. As an example, in a typical black salon, (i.e) a salon that 'knows' how to handle black African hair, you tend to find LOTS of chunks of hair on the floor and shoulders of the client who would be doing her hair if it is natural/Afro hair. This is caused by lack of skills in handling our type of hair! Sadly clients without knowledge on appropriate hair care accept this and actually believe it is normal to have so much of their hair breaking. The same manner of handling the hair isn't as fatal to relaxed hair because the hair bonds and shape of relaxed hair and can handle such manipulation.

What to look out for and do when at a salon if you have natural or Afro hair

  • Never allow a hair dresser to do anything to your hair without detangling the knots in your strands
  • Detangling should gently be done using fingers and a detangling conditioner, not with a comb!
  • A wide tooth comb (real wide) should be used to comb your hair(some salons have good hair brushes ideal for Afro hair). Run away from thin tooth combs as this is what contributes to most of the breakage. 
  • Don't allow the hair dresser to wash your hair in circular motions that are vigorous, this causes knots and your hair will break when combined. Ideally Afro hair should be washed in movements that are directed in the same direction.
  • If your hairdresser doesn't apply a heat protector before blow-drying your hair eventually your hair will get damaged from the heat and become susceptible to breakage. This contributes to the big balls of hair that end up on the floor.
Best hair salon for natural hair in Johannesburg

This is based in MY experience and is by no manner advertisement for the salon, however the best salon that has the right products and skills for natural hair is Lajawi Hair!! They used to operate from Melville but are now in Melrose Arch. Today I went for a scalp treatment and a blow dry, these are the results:

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