Monday, 9 February 2015

Stretching hair with wool - no heat!

This year one of my focuses on healthy hair will be to minimise the amount of blow drying I tend to do. On average I blow dry my hair once a week (on every wash day). Last year I used to blow dry my hair the same way that ladies with relaxed hair would, but later on I discovered the tension method, which I highly recommend as it is much more gentle to my African coils of hair. Nonetheless I still want less heat on my hair, mind you when I do use the blow dryer I usually apply a heat protector so the new method of stretching that I'll explain now is just merely out of being super cautious and trying to grow healthy hair.

After washing my hair and deep conditioning, I moisturised and sealed my hair, then started plaiting it into individual braids using wool. The plaits are called 'maphondo' in my language. Here are photos of the plaits and the hair after:

The plaits

 The hair afterwards

1. Section the hair then wind the wool around each small section
2. Tie a knot at the end of the plait so that it doesn't in-do itself
3. Leave the plaits overnight or until the hair is dry
4. Remove the wool and style as desired!

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