Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Best shampoo for Afro hair

The best shampoo for natural hair (Afro) is one that has no sulfates. The container will have writing saying "sulfate free" as per example in the picture below.

Why sulfate free shampoo?
Sulfates are a type of "cleaning agent", the technical term in the shampoo industry or chemistry industry would be "surfactant". While there are various cleaning agents that manufacturers could use in shampoos, sulfates are the cheaper form and obviously to maximise your profits as a manufacturer you would look at minimizing your costs. Hence most shampoos have sulfates in them. 

What's the problem with sulfates?
Shampoos with sulfates tend to 'over clean' natural hair and strip it of good oils that would rather be retained. As you may know your hair gets natural nourishment from oils secreted in the sebum, they travel through your hair strand (hair follicle) to give your hair a natural glow. Due to weather conditions, food we eat, lifestyle etc, these natural oils on their own aren't sufficient for moisturizing your hair. That's why it is advisable to make extra effort to moisturise your hair. 

If you use a shampoo with sulfates and don't compensate by moisturizing adequately, your hair will dry out easily and become brittle. Brittle hair breaks easily, and as such you will struggle to see growth as you won't be able to retain length! 

Happy healthy hair! Team Natural Hair! Team African Afro! 

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