Tuesday, 6 January 2015

When it all began.... Creating this blog

I started my healthy hair journey in May 2014, and since then a great passion for keeping my natural hair well nourished began. I'm sitting at a Cricket stadium in Newlands CapeTown, probably being namely 'silly woman at the cricket' due to my lack of concentration in the match. To be fair I am not much of a cricketer and am only here to enjoy watching SA batter (hopefully) West Indies with my husband and 'dad', as part of our holiday itinerary.

Last year my husband observed the intensity of the passion I held for healthy hair and natural hair, so he asked why I didn't start a blog to share my experiences and educate other ladies of whatever good knowledge I had accumulated since the start of my journey towards healthy hair,

So today, on the 02/01/2015, I sit here at the cricket and am writing my first post. Giving you background to how this blog was inspired. Thank you hubby, love you!!!!!

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