Saturday, 17 January 2015

Pre-weave treatment for my Afro

Being on a healthy hair journey (hhj) means even before I get a weave woven onto my hair I have to care for the hair underneath, i.e. my natural hair. So before plaiting my hair and getting the weave at the hair salon, I treat my hair.

This time I was planning to have the Brazilian weave for  3weeks, so I treated my hair with ORS Hair Mayonaisse and Dark & Lovely Hair masque. The mayonnaise is a strong protein treatment that I use once every 2 weeks due to its strength, one could use a light protein treatment such as the ORS Olive Oil Replenishing Pak (however the latter is necessary to use once a week as it is a light protein treatment); and the Hair masque provided a good moisture treatment that would hydrate my hair while under the weave.

As I write this post, I am supposed to be on my third week of rocking the stylish weave but I did not last. Itchy scalp and dry hair were getting to me, plus the hot African sun doesn't make it easy to wear a weave when the temperature is 33 degrees! I removed the weave after 2 weeks as I missed my proper hair wash days, and was also worried about my hairline. As I start posting more, you guys will learn that I am obsessed about retaining a healthy hair line.

This entire week I haven't done much to my hair. After removing the weave I washed the hair and was lazy to treat it. So to minimize damage, the whole week I didn't comb nor brush the hair, just applied water and Shea butter leave in conditioner every morning then went to work.

Here are some pics of the treatment I made, the weave, then the uncombed hair I wore to work after the weave.
Team Natural hair! Healthy Natural hair! Healthy African Afro!

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