Wednesday, 21 September 2016

I went natural by learning from a texlaxed blogger! Yes, healthy tips work for all!!!

Some of you might get astonished by my statement, I definitely went natural by learning what to do from a blogger whose hair is relaxed (texlaxed). Sounds unrealistic right? Truth is all states of hair need good care, and therefore healthy hair habits tend to work for both texlaxed or natural hair. The difference being frequency. Read further for better understanding of this statement.

  • For about 2 years all I ever did was marvel at other naturals' hair and admire their kinks. I was one of those readers/followers who would want the good looking natural hair yet sit and do very little about it, despite following many sources of inspiration. 
  • Eventually I got fed up of not walking the talk and decided to focus and follow a blogger whose language and style of writing matched mine. This way we would be on the same boat despite being physically apart, know what I mean?
  • My inspiration to go natural and all I ever learnt to get good hair was from Fatima, who goes by Hairequest on Instagram. Her blog is 
  • Fatima texlaxes her hair, i.e. she uses a relaxer but intentionally under processes the hair. 
  • However I found her hair tips useful and they worked and still work for me.
  • The reason these tips work for my natural hair which unlike hers is not relaxed, is because hair tends to have the same principles of behaviour. 
  • What I mean by this is, all hair, whether relaxed or not has the same chemical build. In other words, all hair is made up of keratin. All hair has a cuticle, cortex and medulla. And all hair requires a balance between protein and moisture. The only difference between someone like Fatima and me is frequency and duration for which we treat our hair. For example, since her hair is relaxed, her hair pattern changed from doily to almost straight, therefore it may absorb moisture quicker than mine. But at the end of the day, both our hairs require moisture. There are many more examples I could delve into, but that's not the point. The crux of this post is to make you aware of the fact that healthy hair tips work for any type of hair. So find a blogger who you understand well, and learn! You'll be surprised how your hair will love you and thank you. Happy hair growing, to all of us, as long as we have healthy hair it doesn't matter if it is texlaxed or not. 
Love - AfroMoriri

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