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To conclude this series we hear from our South African and Tanzanian sisters, however if you'd like to first catch up on previous posts, here is PART1 and PART2.

1. WHO AM I?
My name is Nangamso Phakathi, and I am proudly South African. I am the co-founder and blogger of FroChic natural hair blog. My blog is all about celebrating the beauty of black natural hair. I am also passionate about the uplifting and empowerment of women. I am a mother of 2 boys and I also love reading books.

It is surprising that in 2016 natural hair is still considered unprofessional. This is how my hair grows from my scalp and I should be able to embrace it and allow it to do its thing, naturally.

Google calls my hair unprofessional because it doesn’t fit the mould of what is considered beautiful according to Western standards. My hair is very coily and it defies gravity.

2. WHO AM I?
My name is Addiah Omary founder of Natural Hair Tanzania, I’ve been naturals for almost 2yrs now, my instagram page @Naturalhair_Tanzania

#GoogleMustKnow African/black hair as natural  is beautiful whether long or short ,wavy or curly,kinky ,soft,texture,difficult, easy and fun it’s reflection of our soul.

To me natural hair would never come across as an unprofessional , I went natural only to protect my hair‘s health and much fragile to with stand the aggressive chemicals of a perm
, our natural hair is just that ,what we were born with so we shouldn’t call it unprofessional.  
                                               Instagram: @Naturalhair_Tanzania

3. WHO AM I?
My name is Hulisani Khorombi. Almost 26, future human rights lawyer and an intersection feminist.
I am very pro women and pro black, so much so that I run a few pages dedicated to each.
My primary page is an Instagram account called @afrohealthsa where I  showcase the beauty that is African hair while giving tips and creating a community of ladies who support each others journeys.

My secondary page is one that I run with regards to body image. Here I share stories of ladies with different body types who have struggled with aspects of their body image and how they overcome certain challenges. The new site is under construction but I’ll be sure to share it soon with a bunch of new stories.
I’m a busy body and when I’m not working I’m blogging or reading.
My personal account is @hulisanik

Dear Google.
Yet again, I as a black person have to specifically mention that when I am searching for something that I want the black version.
Like when I type in beautiful women you automatically choose to show me Caucasian women. I have to be objected to narrowing my search to beautiful black women. Let’s not even get started on the amount of things I have to type just to get natural haired women in my search results.
My question is why?
You are able to suggest stories to me based on my recent searches and you can locate myevery move yet somehow realizing that I am a black female is beyond your capabilities.
Please change your algorithms and do better Google. It is completely unacceptable that a black child doesn’t have access to the same search results as a white child and that is greatly upsetting.
Do better.
Coming off  my letter to you we can see that there is already a problem with the search results of Google. What shocks me even more is the fact that a black female who has natural hair is considered unprofessional.
Wow. The first time I saw that I was shocked to my core. How unfortunate is that? The hair that grows out of my hair without any chemicals is unprofessional.
But the moment that a white person rocks their natural hair nobody bats an eyelid. In fact a white lady can have dreadlocks and still be considered a professional.
Can we please instert the biggest side eye here.

In a world where white people benefit off of the lives and culture of black people but won’t even change their status to #BlackLivesMatter we cannot have the biggest search engine spewing out hateful things like black hair being unprofessional. It isn’t. Sure sometimes it can be unkempt but so can white hair and Indian hair and mixed hair.There are beautiful styles where women wear their hair naturally and we need to embrace that.
So no. Natural hair is not unprofessional. Google is unprofessional.

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