Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Bounce Essential hair clip-ins review - increasing volume of Afro hair

I recently got myself some hair clip-ins from Bounce Essential, a hair extensions seller in South Africa. The specific extensions I got were the ones called 'B.E Afro  clip-in'. The following was my experience, and this isn't a sponsored review, just my opinion on hair I bought myself.

How the hair looks upon arrival
I loved the packaging that it arrived in, a satin bag that I now use to store the hair when it's not in use. As you may know, satin is good for hair and prevents matting and tangling. It also helps retain moisture, so the extensions won't end up super dry - in my opinion that's a great plus. Here's a photo of the packaging:

What I did to prep the clip-ins and my hair
When I used the clip-ins, I was still in the process of unraveling the mini twists I had on my hair. My head was half done when an unexpected opportunity for a business meeting came about, so these clip-ins were perfectly timed. Fortunately it was the front portion of my head that was done, and the clip-ins would fit in well. So all I did to my hair, the part I had unravelled, was twist them into chunky twists so as to get close to matching the curl pattern of the clip-ins. The clip-ins themselves were curlier than I preferred, so I combed them out. And I was pleasantly surprised by how little they shed.

My hair with the clip-ins
Here is the before and after picture. I tied up my hair into a bun and rushed to the meeting I had, looking beautifully groomed. On the left, a photo to show my half unravelled hair, with the clip-ins resting on my shoulder (so you can compare their curl pattern after I brushed it out with the hair to my front).  And on the right a photo showing the blended look with the clip-ins.

What I liked about the clip-ins
  • Easily blends with my hair and gives a natural look. Many people kept complementing my hair's length and volume.
  • One packet comes with 7 clip-in pieces but I only used 3. So there's a lot of hair, definitely worth the price I paid.
  • If I want a fuller and bigger look, I could use all 7 pieces.
  • Delivery was very quick, within 5 days.
  • The company gives you updates at each point of your order, e.g, order received, order processed, order dispatched. Helps you plan properly and know exactly when you hair will arrive.
  • The hair design is of high quality, the price you pay is worth what you receive, e.g. the density, quality of hair, wefting etc, attention to small detail is on point. I once ordered supposedly natural hair extensions from O'Natural wigs and received a pathetic, poor quality and rip-off quality& standard of hair. Which I returned and went through another hustle with the O'Natural owner where not all my money was refunded. Lesson learnt, buy cheap buy twice and get headaches in the process. So go Bounce Essential instead! This country needs more hair businesses like yours. 
  • The service providers at Bounce Essential are professional and understand customer service, there was a minor complaint I had which was resolved speedily and with deserved urgency. There was also an extra touch of customer care they gave me, so I'd be happy to buy their hair again and recommend it too. 
What I disliked about the clip-ins
  • I wish it was possible to use heat on the hair.
My recommendations to the seller
  • Introduce sample sizes of the hair. Had I had the option to get samples I would have long bought this hair. I was initially a bit hesitant to pay what I deem as a lot of money for the whole set without knowing if I would like the hair and if it would blend well with my own hair.
  • Work on minimal shedding of the hair when it's brushed. Not that I got too much shedding but if possible I'd prefer even lesser shedding. 


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