Monday, 30 November 2015

Entrants to the 6 month protective style challenge

The following are the ladies taking part in the six month protective style challenge. Entries were confirmed via Instagram and the names appear in a random order:

  • @luludanquah
  • @wiwizer
  • @mz_saba
  • @hulisanik
  • @knoxy_g
  • @thesjozana
  • @missphookie
  • @boitu_missmelo
  • @_miss_mo__
  • @buhlembambo
  • @afromoriri
Good luck to all of us!!! Remember to take care of your hair while in those protective styles. Neglecting the hair could cause more damage than if you'd just kept your usual regime without extended styling. 

Love - AfroMoriri

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