Sunday, 4 October 2015

Hairstyle inspiration: easy natural hair styles for work & date night

The following are easy hairstyles that I enjoy doing. To begin with, please always start with stretched hair; personally I use the African Threading method a lot. It is easy to do and quick as well. Remember to ensure your hair has been fully moisturised and sealed before you proceed to styling it.

Style 1: ideal for work, interviews or any professional setting

This is an easy hairstyle where I sectioned off hair at the front of my head and made a jumbo twist then tucked its ends in with a bobby pin. The hair at the back was pulled into a bun - I partitioned it into two: one small bun in the centre and hair around this bun's circumference. I then rolled & tucked the hair around this small bun away from the bun using bobby pins. Great protective style.

Style 2: ideal for work or any professional setting

This style is easy and quicker to do. I also sectioned off the hair at the front of my head then plaited a number of small to medium twists. These were then pinned down in different directions using bobby pins. The hair at the back was rolled going from my neck upwards, then tucked in using bobby pins. 

Style 3: ideal for date night!!!! Or a casual outing with mates

This style was inspired by Aisha O'Reilly. For a full tutorial, (easy 2 min youtube video) please go to this link. 

Style 4: ideal for all occasions! Great protective style

This style was very easy to do. I followed instructions on youtube, from 4aDaniels. She plaited 4 rows but I plaited 6. You can get the tutorial at this link.

Love - AfroMoriri

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