Wednesday, 6 May 2015

My Co-Wash - saving hair moisture

This week'a washday involved the following:

Prepoo'd with Avocado oil
  • Applied the oil from the roots of my hair to the end of the strands
  • Sat for 30 mins before washing

Co-washed with a Loreal  conditioner
The reason I used a conditioner to wash my hair was because I had been to Lajawi hair salon the week before and had used a clarifying shampoo to clean my hair. Clarifying shampoos remove product build up and in a way 'over clean' the scalp & hair. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, one just has to space out the amount of such type of shampooing in order to preserve moisture in the hair and save sebum oils secreted on the scalp. Sebum oils are nature's way of moisturising our hair & scalp.

Detangled using my fingers 

Moisturised using the following:
While my hair was damp I applied a leave in conditioner, then air dried and applied castor oil afterwards followed by then shea butter.

Stretched and dried my hair fully using the African Threading method.

Products used:

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